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Any sports fan can appreciate a good sports ticker. Though right now its all baseball, during football season the site is a lot more alive with users and so is the community. When I think of a well designed website, I think of a site that is easy to navigate. In ESPN’s case, navigation is a breeze. You start with “what sport” and move onto “what part”. Well structured, well organized and well designed.


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Apart from being my favorite alternative news site, the VICE website also has that same easy navigation I believe makes a well designed site. Once you reach the homepage, you see the featured stories in the form of thumbnails that give a quick visual pertaining to the story. I may not be interested in the subject matter of the article, but the visual presented makes me curious enough to click. Visually, this site is amazing. Functionally, this site is impeccable.


  1. KevinLawrenceM

    The ESPN website is a masterpiece. They have changed viewing sports online. With the live coverage they offer, it is a sports-fan’s dream. From high school to professional, they have all sports. During busy times like the College World Series or March Madness, they have special links to live coverage from all their stations nationwide. If it is not available for you to watch on your local cable, you can sure find it on ESPN. I agree, the site is amazing.

  2. kmb139

    Vice always gets me. For some reason, I hate to love em’. Maybe because most of their pieces are quite sensationalized, but so be it, interesting. What’s even more of a selling point is their design structure. With such an user-friendly format, it’s impossible not to enjoy their stuff.
    And, if it wasn’t for Snapchat, I probably wouldn’t bother with ESPN… but I actually do, and kind of enjoy it. Because, format 😛

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