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DiggThe website I visit daily is I’ve been hooked on it for several years now. Typically I go through different phases in which I’ve already burned through daily Internet supplementary material on sites such as on, Reddit, Drudgeport, Mashable, Tom’s Hardware or Vice to name a few. I always return to Digg however as they consistently sustain a myriad of my interests. The site functions in similar fashion as Drudgereport or a national news site like CNN, providing links to other sites for articles. What sets Digg apart are the clever headlines that provoke the reader’s interest into further venturing down the rabbit’s hole through a mere click. The visuals above and within the articles are always captivating. They serve as rich counter pieces to intriguing content. The writings linked on the site are typically done so in a narrative style fashion. This is a transcendence of the typical rule of objective journalism. Digg bears elements in its content similar to Vice with the exception of the pieces ranging all over the spectrum; from the serious to the mundane. This is a website for those with fluctuating attention spans, with content so fulfilling it appeases the most easily of distracted. I love all aspects it covers which are entertainment, news, technology and trending Internet videos. Check it out and see if you agree with my sentiments by going to


  1. Adrian Leal

    Hey Joey, I’d have to say I have no idea what is. It sounds familiar so I’m sure someone has mentioned to me before, but I usually rely on Twitter for pretty much everything news related. The news aspect of this site sounds like it functions a lot like Twitter and I’m pretty familiar with Twitter. I’m always looking for new ways to satisfy my boredom, so I will definitely keep this site in mind.

  2. Beau Carnes

    Digg is one of those sites I don’t visit often and I’m not sure why because every time I do visit I immediately find articles I want to read. I guess we all get so inundated with the other 2,000 ways to get news that we find our own media outlets and stay there. As Adrian stated above, Twitter has so much going for it you can pretty much get anything you need from that and that’s only one site. I will say however I just went to digg and now I’m going to read a bunch of stuff I saw on there, goodbye.

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