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An app that I visit everyday is called Daily Horoscope. I don’t believe in everything it says, but they are just still fun to read. Their website to get more information about the app is I enjoy this app because it has different features where you can view zodiac sign by year, see how compatible you are with other zodiac signs, view your horoscope for the day, look at your Chinese sign for the year, and you can also see what your druid horoscope is as well. I access the app because it tells your horoscope for the day, for tomorrow, and can also goes back 6 days to check your previous horoscopes. Some of the features I like in the settings, is that you can have a reminder set at a certain time to remind you to read your horoscope for the day. I also like how you have the option to customize what color you would like the icons to be and can also choose to have snowflakes falling in the background.

Daily Horoscope


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  1. Samantha Burdick

    I go through phases with this app. There are times where I obsessively check it daily, and then I delete the entire thing because it told me something I may not have wanted to hear. Then, a few weeks later, the cycle begins!

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