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Cooking with Soraya Janae

For the third leg of our project, I have created a bootstrap website all about me cooking “Cooking with SJ”. I love cooking (when I have the time), because we all know as college students “ain’t nobody got time for that”! My 5 pages will consist of a Recipes, Clean Eating, Soraya’s Sweets, Contact page, and a Home page. On the recipes page, you will see a majority of recipes that have been handed down in my family. Since I am West Indian- American, sometimes my american side takes over more than anything, so to take connected to my roots I included this page. Next, Clean Eating, as college students we all love a good burrito and queso, drinking/partying, an eating and drinking things that may not be so good for us. My Clean Eating page will be that space to get those healthy recipes without feeling like a rabbit. Soraya’s Sweets hits me hard, because as crazy as it sounds in high school I owned/founded a business called Soraya’s Sweets, where we made cupcakes, custom cakes and cake pops to market high school students and other special events. On this page I will be showing you all the tips and tricks to creating dummy proof sweets and treats. Finally, every good website needs a contact page and a Home page for a base for the website.


And that’s all folks!

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