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Coffee Blog

I am a barista at Starbucks, so I’ll use my background to create a blog dedicated to coffee tasting and reviewing.

My hobby blog will have an about page about how long I have been a coffee lover and a contact page where I can link all social media.

I plan to create a Review page, dedicated for blog posts about different coffee brands I try.

I’m planning a separate Cafe Review page where I review my favorite coffee shops and adding a drop-down menu in the navigation to separate locations: San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin and Cibolo.

Another page I’m adding is a how-to page to instruct readers how to best brew their coffee at home or include recipes for pastry sides and pairings.

I’m on the fence about a “Coffee Master Says” page, which would be blog-post like advice posts and FAQs.

-Felicia DeInnocentiis

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