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Class Experience

Since beginning this course a few weeks ago, I have learned a significant amount about web design. This is one of the most challenging and difficult courses I have ever taken. One of the best parts is noticing how far my website has come since the start of the course. While my website is still not the most advanced site out there, the difference from my Project 1 and Project 2 is huge. 

My Project 1. A sight for sore eyes.

My favorite project so far has been Project 2. I loved getting to watch my website transform from an extremely basic form of HTML into a better version. It demonstrates my progress from the start of the course to the present day. However, I believe that the upcoming iMovie exercise may be one of my favorite parts of the course because I have always been interested in video editing.

My least favorite project is the responsive web design project. This project has confused me so much. It seemed as though no matter what I changed in my CSS and HTML that I could not do it.

The most important thing I have learned is to never give up and ask for help when needed. This is not one of the courses you can take and just “wing” it. Assistance is needed when learning how to code HTML and CSS.

What does everyone else think about the responsive web design project?

Larisa Gawik


  1. Adrian Orta

    I liked being able to watch my website look so simple and change to something way different and looks so much more complex.

  2. Taylor Torbert

    I also loved how we started out with basic HTML coding but disliked how my website looked, then as we started to transition more and improve I became so interested in the turnout of the difference between the two projects so far. Bootstrap is also tricky it seems but with patience and practice it will start to become second nature!

    Taylor Torbert

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