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Class Experience So Far

websiteMy favorite project would have to be the website redesign. After we got the template for the redesign it was pretty straightforward. Seeing something I created change and not only that but get better is really exciting. When I signed up for this class I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I’m glad I did though because it’s teaching me basic skills I need and financial aid is paying for it!

My least favorite project as of now would have to be the bootstrap website. It seems pretty much to the point but there’s so many options and choices that you really have to have a focus on how you want the site to look. If you don’t I feel like everything can turn into a cluster and look like the dreaded Paramount bootstrap site. I guess once I narrow my focus down the it’ll get easier but it’s a lot of copying and pasting.

black and whiteThe most important things I’ve learned are that when I’m copying code from a website or template, ALWAYS change the quotation marks because they are in rich text. Also to remember those pesky comas, semicolons, and spell everything correctly because that can make the biggest difference in something working and getting super frustrated because it doesn’t.


  1. Adrian Leal

    I didn’t like the redesign project lol, but that’s probably because I couldn’t figure it out properly. I’m excited for the bootstrap project though because it seems like the possibilities are endless. I have to agree with you on the code copying though because it has definitely come in handy.

  2. Conor Hickey

    Seeing the change is almost like magic. The refresh button is your magic wand and once you press its…. BOOM something amazing pops up. Its a awesome feeling, almost like watching your child grow up.

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