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Class Experience

This class has been much more time consuming than I originally expected, but most of that is probably because this is a summer class. That being said, I have thoroughly enjoyed this class.

My favorite project in the class has been a combination of Project 2 and the responsive exercise. In the very beginning, my website was so ridiculously basis, as seen here. During project 2, we were able to build on our website and make it something actually aesthetically pleasing. The responsive exercise helped make our websites even cooler.


I’m sure this bootstrap assignment is going to end up being my favorite assignment once we’re done with it, though.

I can’t say that I’ve had a least favorite assignment in this class. Because our projects have built on one another, it’s hard to separate them from each other. Project 2 could never have gotten where it was had I not first completed Project 1. Project 1 was definitely my worst assignment, thus far, but I wouldn’t call it my least favorite.

The most important thing I’ve learned in this class is attention to detail. If you make one slight error, forget one semicolon, your site might very well be RUINED. It’s that simple. In coding, it’s extremely important to pay attention to detail.

My overall favorite thing about coding (and, in turn, this class) is that working with code and building a website is such a tangible accomplishment. As we’re coding, we can see our website being built. Instead of working on a project and waiting until the final product is completed to see the results, coding is great in that it allows you to see your progress as you’re progressing. It’s pretty gratifying to be able to actively build something, which is what we’ve been able to do in this class.


  1. Laksna

    Paying attention to detail is our favorite task, isn’t it? It’s true that one project led to another one and I am still proud of my 1st project.
    The deadline for the project 3 is scary… I better go work on it.

  2. Elysia

    Amen to the paying attention to detail bit!
    I love the fact that we are able to create something that we can use to show future employers and we have the skills to continuously perfect it.

    I like your banner and color scheme on your page!

  3. Janelle Eriksen

    I hate paying attention to details which is exactly what this class is all about! You’ve made a really good point for future students taking this class. It really is all about the details. It’s so fun being able to create and design websites though. Your website is precious

  4. Cecilia

    So with you with the paying attention to the details! It’s so frustrating and I hope my future job doesn’t involve me messing with web design! lol Well I don’t mind it but it is very time consuming and you must be so so precise! I do feel pretty cool now that I can build a website by scratch though!

    -Cecilia 🙂

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