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Can watching Netflix be my job?

Netflix is God’s answer to every TV/film addict everywhere. It unites all lazy people to not judge one another when spending a whole day watching Netflix and only moving for food and restroom breaks. It replaces late fees and gas money for trips to Blockbuster. Netflix has regenerated entertainment and has set a huge standard for movie-goers everywhere. netflix1 My obsession with Netflix began as soon as I entered college. EVERYONE IN COLLEGE HAS NETFLIX… unless you’re productive, active and/or an over achiever at school. Nonetheless, It has taught me the art form of “bing-watching” shows and finishing them within the same week. On average, I log into Netflix every day (mainly at night) and explore the variety of films/TV shows that are offered to me.



-Cecilia 🙂


  1. kmb139

    I’d be surprised if someone in this class hasn’t used Netflix! Definitely a well laid out website that keeps getting better to binge watch. However, it was a bummer studying abroad and not having this service available 🙁

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