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Reading has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I love the classics such as Edgar Allen Poe, Victor Hugo, George Orwell (a favorite), John Steinbeck, and my absolute favorite author, Kathleen Windsor. She wrote my all time favorite book—Forever Amber. Reading this book as a child created my current passion for fictional historical books. Gone with the Wind is probably the most well-known historical fiction novel, but it is not one of my favorites because of the overly-descriptive scenes and characters—Margaret Mitchell used three pages to describe one party scene. The Three Musketeers, Memoirs of a Geisha Girl and A Tale of Two Cities are other well-known historical fiction books. So, my website is going to be about my best-loved historical fiction novels. I’ll have one page (home page) describing what the site is about and what is on the other pages. A second page will be about my favorite era in history, which is European 15th and 16th century—I love books about the aristocrats during this time period. The third page will list and summarize my favorite books by era. The fourth page will list all my characters and why they are my favorite characters. A fifth page will have my contact information and other important data. Hopefully, I can inspire people to read and learn some history.

For more information about historical fiction, visit the .

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