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IMG_2193I believe The New Yorker website is awesome! It has a clean and simple layout which makes it easy to access and navigate. Not only is the content on the website extremely informative, but the site itself is engaging! It gives users the option to visit whichever category suits them. Whether you want to read news articles, culture, science, or humor, it is all at the click of a button. There is a “Radio Hour” where you can listen to audio stories and it gives the option to “find more” on iTunes, WNYC, Stitcher, etc. All in all, The New Yorker website is user friendly, engaging and pleasing to the eye!



IMG_2194I think Facebook is also well designed. It too has a clean layout. Almost every person I know has one, including my grandma. That being said, the website is extremely easy to navigate. Facebook allows the user to post video, pictures, status updates, you can even post your “current location” and who you are¬†with. Facebook has changed a lot over the years and is still changing (360 degree video). My personal favorite thing about the website is the ability to “share” what others have posted. I think it is a great tool.

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  1. Felicia D.

    I think Facebook is a good example of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” While the stylistic features have been tweaked over the years, the general site is still the same as when I first signed up. New Yorker is also a great site.

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