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Best designed websites

The two websites I think are laid out well and visually appealing are Uncrate and Soundcloud.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.14.34 PM

Uncrate is a website filled with cars, cameras, and general everyday carry stuff. They give a brief description of the item and if it’s available for purchase they provide a buy link, if not they just give a source link. Some of the stuff they feature is outrageously priced so it’s half entertaining and half stuff you can actually acquire. The reason I love this site is that the layout is simple and the categories are straightforward. It has a simple color scheme of black and white. The best part are the ads because they are things that uncrate would usually feature anyway so they aren’t distracting and they are tucked away in the midst of the other great stuff they feature.
Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.15.39 PMSoundcloud is a music website that has some amazing stuff on it and some really horrible useless music or sound bytes. The reason I like it is because it shows the waveform of the song so you can preview songs to see if you’ll be interested in certain parts of it. The layout is clean, black and white with shocks of Soundcloud’s signature orange. You can also search by people, songs, or groups. You can upload your own music by just hitting upload and dragging your song into the browser. The sidebar is useful because it provides related artists to things you have liked. It also shows what’s popular on the site which can be good or bad at times.

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  1. Adrian Leal

    Hey Beau, I never been on crate, but by the picture you posted it looks like an interesting webpage. I don’t shop much online, but when I do it’s on Amazon. I might have to check it out though because Amazon has a lot, but it doesn’t have everything. As for Soundcloud, this is a website I am familiar with. I make my own music and this is where I post it, but I also noticed they have great playlists to jam to, and its a great place to find awesome undiscovered artists. Its just too bad that they might go under, but thanks for the great posts!!!

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