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Assignments so Far

In this class, it is hard to choose what I have liked the most and what I have liked the least. I have disliked every assignment when we have been introduced to it, but by the time I have to turn it in I change my mind and become glad that I had to learn that. My website has been advancing steadily, and I am very proud of it.

My favorite project was probably our first exercise. We had to make our website responsive, in other words, we had to make it adapt to devices of different sizes. It was more complicated, so it made me think harder about what to do. I tried to figure some things out without too much help, and whenever I finally figured it out it made me feel really proud of my work. I have started to notice some of the websites I use occasionally aren’t responsive, and I like to think that I might be able to help them fix that.

UntitledMy least favorite assignment was also my favorite. Exercise #1 was difficult. I appreciated the importance of learning responsive design, but I didn’t like the difficulty of it. I am not proud of how long it took me to finish it. I wasn’t as familiar with the style sheet when I started my assignment, but I had to make a lot of changes to it, so it forces me to become more comfortable with working with it. I still didn’t like how much time it took me to understand though.

I think that everything we have learned so far has been important. The order in which we have being learning has helped us understand more deeply the new things we are learning. Every block is needed to build the wall, every assignment is needed to continue to learn the rest.

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  1. Tania Hagedorn

    The responsive design project was also difficulty for me; it took me HOURS to get it right. Also, I was somewhat unclear about which devices the responsive designed website had to work in. And although, like you, I was extremely frustrated about how long this project took, I learned more during the responsive design project than during any other project or assignment.

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