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Article Recap

I’ll detail what I thought was the most important point in each of these articles.

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Here I was reminded of simple math. One website is cheaper than one. This stuck out as significant to me because it presents the idea of consolidating with responsive web design to make a website more universally available across different platforms.

Here I learned how to  integrate class and id with media queries in a style sheet. Not too interesting, but a necessary function piece.

Here I learned exactly what responsive media design is and why its so important to have that apart of your website.


-M. Dominguez


  1. Taylor Torbert

    M. Dominguez,
    I dont think it is necessary myself, but I did think these articles were helpful in learning about to include class and id tags in media queries.

    Taylor Torbert
    Summer II

  2. Brenda

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! You just described everything perfectly without having a write an essay.

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