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Amazing Websites

During my Web travels, I’ve noticed that the websites I tend to revisit contain amazing art and interactive storytelling. The above image is the about page for Google Cultural Institute. They sponsor an amazing art website that incorporates Google Maps into an art show. This amazing art website that can be found on their home page at Google Cultural Institute home page (image below).

I like the simple orange-and-white color scheme in the top image better than I do the white-and-black color scheme for the left image. I also like that the writing is a minimum on the about page, and with the exception of the navigational links, and all the links to other web pages are images. However, I like that the Institute’s home page has links to gorgeous art slideshows and an interactive map feature that lets you explore art from all over the world. The World Wonders link above will open an interactive map so that you can explore art based on locations. Select one of the following for a great art show.


I hope this next website doesn’t offend anybody. It’s a digital story about the 2012 gang rape in Dehlia, India. When the site loads, a slideshow opens with emotion-invoking images and few words. I love the simplicity of the black-and-white design. However, what I like the most about this site is the storytelling design, which appears as two links the home page—Read and Experience.

The simplicity of the Read page with a white background against the vividness of the mosaic lends itself to the seriousness of the subject—all the elements on the page are functional, even the logo (identifies the page). I like this no-fussiness design. Even the aside element (Table of Contents) with its translucent background, has a functional purpose. The story content was created as a normal book with links to popups, mp3s and images. This made the design simpler while integrating interesting elements—very smart. The Experience page was the opposite of the Read page. What I like the most about this page was the scrolling element in the story. On this page, the story was centered around the images and other media. Telling the story using two different designs was interesting and different.experience


  1. Michela Johnson

    We Are Angry is a very interesting site! I too like the storybook feel to it, although it almost seems too playful for the topic, but that’s a personal opinion. Nevertheless, I do love this site.

  2. Lisette Lopez

    My dream is to travel all over the world, and the Google Culture website has everything. I did not know about this website, but it will be one to look at. I love storytelling and I love the voice that can come out of telling a story. We Are Angry tells a very vivid story, and has so much voice and power behind it. I love it.

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