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All the Learning

  1. Favorite project & why?

I’m personally pretty excited about the most recent project, the bootstrap/hobby website. I’ve always been curious about more interactive web design, so it’s cool to be working on a project that gives a taste of that.

2. Least favorite & why?

Every projects has it’s ups and downs (there’s still little things on my site that I am still figuring out), but I would have to say my least favorite moment was registering for Bluehost. Transferring all my previous website data over, and loosing my prior template was kinda a bummer. But now I get to learn how to create my own web layout, so positive things!

3. Most important thing learned?

Those commas, colons, and quotations make a huge difference in whether the code works or not!


Cool thing, Google just launched this new design tool called Resizer that lets you see how responsive your website or any website is! Pretty handy when developing a  responsive site.


  1. Wynard Crawford

    Paige, I agree with registering for Bluehost wasn’t my favorite part either. Not because of the reason you said with your previous website data but for me paying for the domain was the tough part. I actually tried the Google Resizer and it really is interesting to see how the same website will show up of different screens.

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