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All I Do Is…

Netflix and chill.

The saying has created new costumes this past Halloween season and been my source of distraction for years. The turn from analogical to digital entertainment gives viewers the choice to pay to get away from long and boring advertising. Most people in America think its worth the $8 or so to be able to skip over 10 minutes of commercial every 30 minutes. It is the same with radio. Most cars come with an AUX input that allow us to skip long Billy Bobs Beds promotions through our local station. Control is what makes Netflix my favorite site to visit.


Not only do you have the choice of watching for as long as you want without interruption, you also have hundreds of categories and sub-genres to guide you. If there was just one long page of movies and shows it would take forever to figure out what to watch next. Once you have found a category you like, lets say documentaries (my favorite), you may also dive deeper to find movies like “Crime Documentaries” or “Historical Documentaries.” Furthermore there is an option on the top right of the page to sort your category or sub-genre by year released, suggestions for you, and so on. Once again Netflix bring in control and ease of use to viewers.

Finally Netflix keeps me interested with their multiple original series’. Most people have heard about¬†Orange is the New Black,¬†a Netflix original series about an upper-middle class woman thrown into prison for drug smuggling because of her lesbian lover. Already sounds interesting if you haven’t seen the show. This gives Netflix a little extra pizzazz when it comes to other streaming options like HuLu. This site will continue to be both the best and worst way I spend my time.



  1. Lisette Lopez

    Netflix is a HUGE part of my life. I have watched so many shows in a matter of days. I do not know what I would do if Netflix was not around!

  2. Soraya Herbert

    First things, first…
    I love your headline! I am in complete agreement with you about the control aspects of Netflix. I love the amount of videos that are readily available. Also I do agree with the original series, I love Orange is the New Black (just not this past season)!

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