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Air Bnb & Happy Hours

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Air bnb is great. Everybody knows Air Bnb. A lot of people has come to use this platform. It’s convenient, user friendly and the prices can be very attractive. This is also in my opinion one of the best recent website in terms of interface and web design. They have been pretty much copied by a huge number of digital platforms that are using the same kind of operating system.

I remember last year when I was working on the creation of a new website that, we were really trying to have the same type of navigation that airbnb had.

First thing is, it is modern. Flat design has really been a thing for several years now, and airbnb is doing it well. It is clear enough so that when you first come on their website, you immediately look at the searching bar that will allow you to start your research. Also, the projection of little films on the main page really sets a good atmosphere that, to me, makes me feel good and makes me want to find that « cosy » place for my next trip. And if you are running out of ideas you can scroll down and see different destinations with these large pictures of different famous cities. I really like it when there are not too many information on one page. Very little text, if any. Big pictures, titles, and that’s it!

The logo is really simple and I think its simplicity makes it very recognizable. One thing that is surprising is the size of the logo which is very small and very discreet comparing to the size of other important companies.

The last thing that I find really good is navigation. The navigation bar is really minimalist, but overall, you have easy access to what you are looking for.

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The next website I am going to talk about is Happy Hours which is the website of a co-working space in the city where I live in France. I find it really beautiful in terms of design. Once again, flat design, not too many information, and it is easy to access the different information you need.

One particular feature of this website, which is very minor but that I haven’t seen before, is the little rabbit at the top of the page, in the middle of the navigation bar. If you put your cursor on it, the rabbit starts to swing and a little message appears “get me back on the top”, which if you do, will put the website into the favorite bar of your navigator. I found that pretty clever and fun!


  1. Taylor Farrell

    I have never actually visited the air bnb website, but from what you have written, I think I have been missing out! It also seems like my kind of website, “big pictures” and “very little text”. I always find simple web design to be the most appealing to the eye!
    The same goes for the Happy Hours website, it look very nice and I too think the rabbit navigation is cute and it serves a function!

  2. Joey Galvan

    I love the airbnb website. I really enjoy the transitioning backdrop that includes video. It changes every five seconds or so making it always unique. Very aesthetically pleasing site with easy navigation.
    The website for Happy Hours is also visually pleasing. The background is beautiful and the title seems to jump out of the screen. It is easy enough to navigate that it doesn’t matter I don’t speak any French.

  3. Paige Locke

    LOVE Air Bnb. I was just on it today. If I have downtime I’ll actually end up visiting Air Bnb even if I’m not planning a trip, just log on to look around. The map placement on the Happy Hours site is really well done. Always appreciate knowing where things are.

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