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A study in design

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Today’s blog post is about well-designed web pages. The first example, Wikipedia, is the best I could come up with. It has a title page that allows you to select which language you want your articles for, as well as a home screen for each language that includes an article of the day, top news stories, and a search engine that actually works. Wikipedia is entirely free, and its operating costs are covered by donations rather than ads, and if we want it to continue being ad-free, we really should be donating more to this tremendous resource.


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For the second example, I’m going to use the Papa John’s ordering page. It’s convenient, easy to order delicious pizza, and best of all, it has a visual interface for topping selection. Convenience is an indicator of good design, and I really like pizza. That is all.


  1. Linsey Jones

    I thought your choices for your websites were very clever because we use them so much as a society.
    I have never really gone into depth on Wikipedia or my favorite pizza sites to see if their website was a good or not because I was simply focused on the information or product it would provide me. That act alone speaks volumes to me because obviously it must be a well functioning media because I have never questioned whether or not I should return to them for future purchases.
    You’ve honestly made me want to go look deeper into the websites I use on a constant basis and have a better understanding as well as appreciation for them.

  2. Savannah Ross

    Papa John’s is great, but it’s all about the Domino’s pizza tracker. You have an account online, so you don’t have to input all your information every time. But what is particularly useful is how it shows you:
    1. When the order is being processed.
    2. When it is being prepared
    3. When it is cooking in the oven
    4. When it is being boxed
    5. When it is being delivered.

    It’s the bomb. Also, now you can text Dominos a ‘pizza emoji’ and they will deliver you a pizza.

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