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I honestly dislike quite a bit of websites I  see mainly because they have the on-going white background that makes me blind after a few hours of viewing, so I prefer something interesting and colorfully to look at instead.

I happened to have a previous project in my Health Communications class that asked me to analyze a company’s media and came across Nike. I always knew that it was a well established brand – merely look around you and you will see it on at least several people on campus – but after looking at their website I realized how well the company was doing with its media platforms. The website is well organized for all the content it has to display – men, women, children,  and sports – and features constant pictures rather than a blank colored in background like other sites do. Everything is easily assessable and connected so navigation is simple through the website as well through Nike’s social medias pages.

Another website I love and therefore am a little bit biased about, is Cosmopolitan. Although it hosts the obnoxious white background I loath, it still provides great content and navigation. In fact my favorite thing about the navigation or menu is that is pops up on the left side of the screen rather then down the middle, allowing me to still view my current page if desired. It may be simple but I also love that they have links throughout their content too, because being a fashion forward magazine what am I not wanting but to see where they got their product or information from.




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  1. Alan Espejel

    The Nike website is a good looking website. It has a bold and refreshing design that oozes dynamism and creativity. The navigation tabs are concise and easy to access. The pictures are well composed and easy to look at. All in all, this is a well done website and the web developers at Nike should be commended for it.

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