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A Site I Visit Daily: Youtube


YouTube has been a site that has been close to my heart for about two or three years now. I started to get into YouTube when I decided that I wanted to learn more about beauty and makeup. I did not know how to do it on my own and did not really have many people in my life that could teach me so I turned to YouTube to help me learn. The first makeup tutorial I watched was by Lauren Curtis.

Ever since then, I have accumulated about 70 subscriptions to makeup artists or just normal girls and guys that are extraordinary at makeup application. I watch about 4 to 5 videos a day to learn about new products, learn about ways to improve my makeup application, and to be inspired for new looks for myself.

Some of my favorite Youtubers are Kathleenlights, Jaclyn Hill, and Glam&Gore. Kathleenlights most inspires me for looks to do on myself and talks about products that are more affordable. Jaclyn Hill always brings new, interesting products to the table and bolder looks. Glam&Gore specializes in beauty makeup, as well as SFX makeup. She always helps me learn something fun about SFX makeup.

If you are interested in learning a new skill but have no one in your life to teach you, I highly recommend finding someone on YouTube to teach you.

-Macy Neel


  1. Kodi

    YouTube is such a great and entertaining website. I find myself starting on one video and ending up 10 pages away watching another video. The related videos always catch my attention and lead me right to their videos. YouTube has such a variety of videos now-a-days that you can pretty much search anything and find a result. Youtube can be so helpful and very entertaining, it’s such a great website.

  2. Tania Hagedorn

    I also love YouTube. However, with a minor in math, most of my subscriptions are math tutorials. However, I do have some subscriptions to news channels (Vocativ is my favorite) and science channels (Vsauce is my favorite). YouTube is an amazing DIY site without which I wouldn’t survive my advanced classes. Some YouTube facts:
    Most viewed YouTube video: Charlie Bit My Finger – Again
    YouTube has been playing pranks on its members every April Fools Day for the few years
    The trio that started PayPal (which was bought out by eBay) started YouTube
    Not being able to find Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction online was the inspiration for YouTube

  3. Josh Kerr

    I could watch Youtube all day. I have learned a bunch of things from youtube. It is also nice that there’s just about every music video ever made at your fingertips. The fail videos are a good laugh when you need one.

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