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A Little Bit of Daily Mail

Screenshot_2015-07-09-13-11-38I would not have paid much attention to The Daily Mail if it wasn’t for Snapchat. Initially reluctant to use because of it’s infamous promiscuity, Snapchat’s “Discover” section hastily redeemed my perspectives of the image-based messaging application when I was pleasantly surprised to find a news section upon opening the app and swiping left past “Stories.” Consisting of various types of entertainment and news sources such as Vice, Cosmopolitan, CNN, in queue with The Daily Mail to name a few, the “Discover” page shows potential for a new kind of aesthetic for multi-media digital publications.

Through this newsy-side of Snapchat, I kind of got hooked. Every morning I check out The Daily Mail and National Geographic, at the very least, if not all of the sources featured. Within each one of the publications, you have a few articles that refresh every 24 hours, in good ol’ Snapchat fashion.Screenshot_2015-07-09-13-11-56

Now, I read The Daily Mail… well, daily. It is an over a century old UK based tabloid newspaper which I think serves a vast variety of audiences, with stories ranging from science and politics to entertainment. I have found their pieces to be quite enticing, especially when viewed the way they are available through Snapchat.

Going to their website, however, is like a boring, yet busy combination between the desktop layout of Buzzfeed and the monotonous color scheme of Reddit. And I find this relevant to almost all the publications available through the app in comparison to their actual websites; they just look so much better in Snapchat form. If trying to get some news for the day via mobile, Snapchats “Discover” feature is highly recommended for its variety, easy functionality, interactivity and aesthetic appeal.

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  1. Janelle Eriksen

    This story is exactly true to mine! I discovered Daily Mail on Snapchat as well and now cannot get enough. I am on it constantly, receiving a lot of information that is put in a “fun” type of way. You should check out the website, as well. It is great fun!

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