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I get all of my news online and I think The New York Times does an exceptional job of delivering online content in an effective and organized way. What I particularly like is their lack of a photo slide show on the home page. To me, visiting a news site with scrolling photos is just simply annoying and distracting. The Times does a great job of displaying the dominant story, without it dominating the rest of the equally important content. The simple color choices of black and white keep it simple along with a classic font that pleases the eye.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.38.01 PM

There is a village being built roughly 30 miles out of Panama City that offers a seemingly Utopian society vibe called Kalu Yala. It’s kind of a hard concept to wrap my head around, but thankfully their website is very informative and aesthetically pleasing. It’s fun, interactive, creative and bold. It’s simple to maneuver and it’s breaths freshness. It’s captivating in a way that makes you want to continue exploring the site. Its use of visuals is what draws me immediately and doesn’t repel me with distracting intensity.

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