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Blogged inspired and school driven

Seeing as I am an electronic media major and with me being in school over full time I think it’s safe to say I spend a majority of time on social media, so I decided to veer away from that topic.


Website 1: The Cake – by Hannah

The Cake is a blog about friends, food and inspiration. The Cake is designed nicely by a friend of mine, Hannah, because she allows the site to be easily accessible and readable, to navigate clearly and involves many motion features. What I like about The Cake is that it is always customizing and staying up to date with the newest look and updates. She is always adding new flavor and eye popping pictures to her blog.This website was created by my good friend back from high school who now resides in Dallas. The reason I follow her blog often is because she inspires me to be a better journalist. Her vocabulary and writing skills help me improve my skills in my writing courses.

My friends blog about friends, food, inspiration and marriage.
My friends blog about friends, food, inspiration and marriage.

Website 2:  TRACS, Texas State System

TRACS is a website that I visit and check thoroughly. I am impressed with the options and resources TRACS has to offer in its design. It navigates clearly, it is fast acting, it involves various colors in the text, symbols and logos. I realize that TRACS is also always innovating and adding new material to make it as easy to upload documents, drop assignments, helpful resources, etc.

TRACS Learning System
TRACS Learning System



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  1. Laksna

    I was thinking about talking about TRACS too, I find this website so interesting and convenient for education. It is really well organized and the number of features it contents is amazing!

    I am going to check your friend’s website, it looks like a very well designed one 🙂

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