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So far I have really enjoyed the class. The only coding experience I had before this class was the fdom html assignment. It’s been fun learning it from scratch and I can feel myself getting better with each assignment. Next I’m going to break-up my like and dislikes about the class.

My Likes                                                                                                                                                   My favorite part of the class is that our end product of all our work will be for something we will definitely be able to utilize. This makes it enjoyable and easy to work hard at it. The layout of the class website is good, it makes figuring out what needs to be done fast and easy. I can also find instructional videos and handouts quickly. So far every assignment has been great and I have benefited from them and can visually see the progress on my site.

My Dislikes                                                                                                                                              For someone who had next to none experience with coding it feels like the class moves pretty quickly at times. I really didn’t like the finding broken code test, I needed a practice hw assignment that was the same set up or examples of some of the things that were going to be broken. Also some of the directions are set up to where there is a grey area of what needs to be done, I would like stricter guidelines. I like doing the blog posts sometimes, it’s the comments I don’t like about the blogs we have to do. I believe those are forced and aren’t takin very serious in any class where we have had to respond to students forum/blog posts.



  1. Wynard Crawford

    Andrew, I definitely have to agree with you when you said you didn’t like the broken code test. It’s crazy how the smallest mistake can kill an entire site or cause a major component not to work. I think the videos are really helpful to because they’re easy to follow along with and it’s the exact stuff we’re doing.

  2. Beau Carnes

    I thought the broken code assignment was pretty fair. At least we could reference what the site was supposed to look like. I agree that there are so many resources out there for coding and most of it is helpful and straightforward. Sometimes the comments can be a good thing. I found people with similar interests and it’s a decent way to learn about others.

  3. Dayri Vargas-Osorio

    As far as the class is going its amazing! and the broken code assignment was challenging but at the end you can see how much you have grown into coding

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