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Twitter Timeline
Twitter Timeline

Although I visit Tumblr almost every day, I would have to say that I visit Twitter more often throughout the day. I use the app more than the desktop version of Twitter because it’s just easier for me. Twitter allows you to see what everyone is talking about, it notifies you when certain people tweet, you can interact with everyone (unless they block you), and it shows you what’s trending worldwide or in other countries, and news. Twitter also allows you to customize your profile and share almost anything you’d like easily.

I personally access Twitter often because I like to be updated with my favorite band, and it’s the fastest way to find out about anything. I also feel that public figures use Twitter to interact with people more than any other website because it’s just easier and faster. Also, unlike Facebook or Instagram, I find it less annoying when people are constantly tweeting. For example, someone could post twelve tweets continuously, and I would not mind because I follow so many people that I barely even notice at times. Another main reason why I visit Twitter every day is because I’m one of those people that always want to know what is going on all the time and people are always talking about new things on Twitter.

Some of my favorite features on Twitter are the notifications, polls, and how easily things can be shared.  There is a feature that allows you to turn on notifications on a certain profile to let you know whenever they tweet. I love this feature because I know what my favorite actor or band tweets instantly, so I never miss out. Twitter also added the polls feature less than a year ago, and I find it useful and entertaining. It’s useful because you can easily see what your followers think on important topics, and it’s also entertaining because you can ask silly stuff. Lastly, it’s so easy to share almost anything on Twitter, be it pictures, videos and links. Although, you can’t upload as much as you want, I think it’s better that way because it’s brief and it does not become annoying.

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  1. William Le Moing

    I have been using Twitter for two month now and it’s great (Although I start to spend to much time on it…). It’s always cool to know what people / public figures think about certain topics. Like you said the notification features are really convenient, I use it a lot to be aware if artists are about to drop albums or release new tracks.

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