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ON my current website I say how I am addicted to TV and film, and honestly I think it would be the best hobby to make a website about . Although I know that simply watching movies and film is something everyone does, I truly do love it and watch a variety of genres.

I also have a long and happy history with film as well. Almost all of us have bonded with people in through favorites series and movies and I am no different. I bonded with members of my family who I could not have normally talked to by just sharing a spot on the couch while they played their favorites genres on the television set.


My step-father and I could always sit next to each other and watch AMC westerns from his childhood, favorite foreign films like Curse of the golden Flower, or Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Even some of my happiest memories were when my big brother made me watch 80’s and 90’s classics like Back to the Future, Tremors, The Mighty Ducks, and The Goonies, so that I would be “cooler”. Because of silly little memories and events such as these I really expanded my tastes in film and television.


Therefore, I would want to do a website over film and all the different attributes that come with it. My five pages would be; Movies, Television Series, Directors, Cinematography, and Actors. These five pages might change later, but I feel that I would not only enjoy doing this topic but also be good at it if given the chance.

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